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Monitoring Exchange 2007

February 12, 2012

Database Health

Database Transaction Log Generation Checkpoint Depth

If a particular process stops working, crashes or otherwise fails then Exchange must undo/redo work in order to prevent a partial-transaction in the DB. This counter tracks the work involved in rolling any work back if it is required. Normally 20 – 30, should not exceed 500.

service_description     Ex DB TLog gen chkpt lgth


Database Page fault stalls / sec

Each time the DB cache manageer allocates a new page from the DB cache this counter is incremented and should normally read 0. Persistent values suggest that unused/dirty pages are not being removed quickly enough and probably relate to an IO bottleneck or simply a spike in usage.

service_description     Ex DB Page Flt Stalls/sec


Version Buckets

Version buckets are the number of uncommitted changes in memory that have yet to be written to the log. In general this can go up to 12000 and not be a problem but it is best to get a base-line and then adjust the thresholds accordingly. A high value could be due to a large attachment being sent or an IO bottleneck.

service_description     Ex DB Version Buckets


Database Transaction Log Record Stalls / sec

This counter states how many log records Exchange was unable to write to the log buffers each second because the buffers are full. This counter should remain at 0 for most of the time. Spikes up to 100 are OK, an average of 10 or more can indicate high IO write latencies.

service_description     Ex DB TLog Rec stalls/sec


Database Cache Hit Ratio

Simply the number of DB file page requests that are done without requiring a file oprtation – accessing memory instead. With most users in Outlook cached-exchange-mode this counter should not fall below 99%. If most users do not use Outlook or use Outlook in ‘online’ mode this should not fall below 90%. As Ex2007 uses up as much RAM as it can do with the DB cache a low ratio is a good indication of the server requiring more RAM.

service_description     Ex DB Cache Hit Percent


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