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Cyberoam PPTP

July 24, 2012
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Step 1 – Enable PPTP

1. In the GUI interface, go to VPN -> PPTP
Under General Configuration: choose the local LAN address to be used by PPTP
2. Choose the range to assign to PPTP users
Note: Do not specify the same IP address range in L2TP configuration and PPTP configuration.
3. Specify the DNS Servers to be used.
4. Click “Apply”

Step 2 – Set Encryption and Authentication Methods
1. Login to the CLI Console: By clicking Console in the top right corner OR logging in via Telnet or SSH
Choose Menu Option # 4
2. Now use the following syntax to set the encryption and authentication:

console> set vpn pptp authentication MS-CHAPv2 encryption STRONG

3. you can review the settings with the following command: 

console> show vpn configuration

Step 3 – Grant Users Logon access via PPTP

There are a few places to grant access to users:
A. Go to IDENTITY -> USERS and click the user you would like to grant PPTP access. Choose “Enable PPTP”.
B. Go to IDENTITY -> GROUPS and click the group you would like to grant PPTP access. Choose “Enable PPTP”.
C. Go to VPN -> PPTP and click “Add Member(s)” and Choose the ‘groups’ or ‘users’. And click Apply 

Review Users/Groups with PPTP access: 
Go to VPN—PPTP and click “Show PPTP Members” and Choose the ‘groups’ or ‘users’.

Diagnostics and Logging:

1. In CLI – 

console> cyberoam diagnostics show syslog

Choose View logs for “Authentication”

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