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HP Data Protector IDB shrink

January 19, 2014

Procedure Steps for Windows 2008 R2 Cell Manager
Ensure that the last IDB backup was successful – note down the tape number in case a restore is required
Ensure there are no backups running:

omnistat (will show any active tasks)
omnisv –stop (stops the DP services)
Copy C:\Program Files\Omniback & C:\ProgramData\Omniback to D:\temp\DP
Start the Data Protector services and shut down omnitrig to ensure no scheduled backups are started:
omnisv –start (starts the DP services)
omnitrig –stop (stop DP scheduler from running tasks if they were scheduled)
Double-check that no backups are running by running an “omnistat”.
Ensure that no Data Protector manager GUI sessions are open and then run the following commands:
omnidbutil -purge –dcbf
omnidbutil –fixmpos
omnidbutil -purge_failed_copies
omnidbutil -purge -filenames –force (the omnistat command can be used to monitor the progress of the “omnidbutil -purge -filenames –force” command.
omnidbutil –clear
Once the above commands have been completed, proceed with the IDB export to files:
omnidbutil -writedb -cdb D:\DB\ -mmdb D:\DB\
When prompted, confirm the exports for the various components.
After the IDB export you will need to make a copy of the following directories as per the command prompt advises:
“C:/Program Files/OmniBack/db40/msg”
“C:/Program Files/OmniBack/db40/dcbf”
Then re-import the export dumps taken earlier:
omnidbutil -readdb -cdb D:\DB\ -mmdb D:\DB\
Once the imports have completed remove invalid references to DCBF. This should be run following IDB recovery:
omnidbutil -remap_dcdir
Restart the data protector services.

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